TherMark LMM-14

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TherMark LMM-14 is a laserspray which can be used to help mark or engrave certain metals with a CO2-laser.

Laser engraving with TherMark LMM-14 is possible on a large number of metals. TherMark LMM-14 gives great results on stainless steel chrome plating, aluminium titanium, copper pewter, brass silver plating and galvanized steel gold plating. It is necessary however, to make some test pieces to determine which machine parameters are needed. The underlying material, the type of laser, the power and speed all affect the final result. It is also important to have an even layer of TherMark.

TherMark LMM-14 is ready for use. Shake the can quite vigorously for a few minutes. Make sure you can hear the bullet rattling in the can. If you do not shake the can properly, the coating and the solvent can't mix properly. This will cause the nozzle to clog. When this happens the TherMark can't be applied evenly onto the material. 

Make sure the material you want to engrave is grease- and dust-free. You can degrease your material with alcohol. Apply a thin, even layer of coating in one or tow times to get the best result. Please make sure the coating is completely dry before engraving! Drying will take a few minutes if you have applied a thin, even layer. You could also place the wet object in an oven or use a blow-dryer to dry the coating if you are pressed for time. Do make sure the coating is completely dry before engraving.

If the coating is applied too thickly, it will cost more time to dry and a lot more power from the machine to achieve an okay result.

The TherMark LMM-14 dries as a powder which is easy to remove after engraving. It is recommended to engrave the material not too long after applying the TherMark. Be careful not to touch the coating, the coating will be damaged quite easily.

After engraving, you can rinse the coating off of the material with lukewarm water. TherMark LMM-14 provides a permanent, black colored marking on the material. 

When you are done with the TherMark LMM-14 make sure you turn the can upside down and spray. This will make sure the spray-nozzle will stay open.  Store the can by laying it down on the side.

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