Export files from Illustrator to Laserworks

Rob Stolte
Modified on: Wed, 10 Feb, 2021 at 4:25 PM

How to export files from Illustrator (.ai/.eps/.svg) so you can use them in Laserworks.

Before you start, make sure the Illustrator Document colour mode is set to RGB:

  • File > Document colour mode

How to make a cut line?

Make sure the stroke colour of the whole cutting line is the same. 

In this example the cutting line is blue:

Make sure the shape is fully closed, if the shape is not closed please follow this steps:

Click on the pen tool

Click on the anchor point of the shape you want to close

Click on the other anchor point to close the shape

How to make lines for engraving?

Make sure all the lines that you want to engrave are the same colour.

In this example the engrave lines are red:

How to save the file so i can open it in LaserWork?

LaserWork will only work with an old .ai filetype.

  • File > Save as... 

Make sure that you safe your file as .ai.

In the screen that appears choose for Version: Japanese Illustrator 3

Click OK

Importing the .ai in LaserWork

Open LaserWork > Click import

Open the file you just made with Illustrator

The colours you specified in Illustrator are now visible in LaserWork. You can now specify the settings in LaserWork by the colour.

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